Accessories or finishing touches

Which flooring is best for my kitchen? Ceramic or Travertine floor tiles, laminated vinyl or engineered wood?

Do you tile the walls or just paint them or even affix glass splashbacks in key positions or throughout?

The use of functional and decorative accessories are also areas where your a kitchen can be personalised to suit your tastes and lifestyle.


The days when a kitchen was only really seen as a place to prepare a meal for family or friends are long gone.

Taking the place of the lounge or sitting room, kitchens of today are now generally seen as where the family come together, the social hub of the home and where friends, family and visitors are welcomed.

A new kitchen now has to be more than a hard working space, it has to be ergonomic, multi-functional and welcoming. It is the area in the home where we prepare and cook our meals, eat, entertain,, co-ordinate our social life, do our paperwork, read the newspaper or even watch the television. How our kitchen looks, functions and is laid out can be seen as a reflection of our personalities and our lifestyles.

The opportunity to customise and personalise our homes means that the vast choice of products and materials available, make it possible to create a kitchen that you've always wanted, regardless of your budget, be it large or small.

When planning your new kitchen, a number of considerations will be decided on:

Style of units or furniture

Work Surfaces

The subject of matching or complimenting the work surface to the units of the kitchen is a whole area of decisions in itself and generally is centred around cost. The cost of the work surfaces can be based around several considerations; cost, practicality, maintenance and desirability. Often there can be a huge cost difference when considering which work surface to go for.

At the high end many customers feel that granite, quartz or acrylic represent quality, resilience and style, others feel that solid woods such as oak, walnut or beech define warmth and cosiness.

Further down the price chain others consider that laminated worktops represent value for money whist being functional and stylish.

Essentially it comes down to budget and which type suits the look and feel of the kitchen, as there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Sinks and taps

New Product Range Being Released January 2016

All have their place in today's kitchen space but are they nice to have's or need to have's?

These are key decisions when considering the functionality and design of your dream kitchen.

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These are all areas that IF Only can offer advice on and are able to source on your behalf at

very competitive prices if required.

All items purchased through IF Only will carry the full manufacturers guarantees and warranties as per EC regulations.


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