How It All Began

The establishment of IF Only was spurred on when my partner and I finally decided to take the plunge and fulfil our dream of moving to Provence.

The Story behind IF Only – by Design

Like hundreds and maybe even thousands before us, we viewed properties online and visited property after property all across the Provence area, only to find that though a high number of houses were beautiful, they more often than not, had kitchens of very poor quality and layout; If they even had a kitchen (of sorts) at all.

This was a long way from what we expected and experienced back in the UK and as you'll probably agree, a well planned and fitted kitchen is a key selling point and the heart of every good home!

Kitchen designer in Provence south of france

The IF Only kernel of an idea was born

Essentially from us needing to purchase a kitchen for our new home here in St Remy.

We had the choice of a low end budget kitchen from one of the DIY sheds or retail outlets, which we felt would not be specific to our aspirations, or one from a high end independent studio, that comes at an exorbitantly high cost.

Without having to spend hours trying to explain what we wanted, there didn't seem to be many suitable options available for customers with a mid range budget, like ours.

So, It Got Me Thinking

With my many years of experience designing kitchens and bathrooms for customers in Chichester, Oxford and London and also with some that themselves have brought kitchens over to France to be installed.

We could move to Provence (as planned) and enjoy a new lifestyle, whilst still doing the work I love.......but now, at a more enjoyable pace of life.

It was a dream waiting to be fulfilled and Voila!!   

IF Only – by Design was born!

We Were In A Predicament

How do we get to have exactly what we want, at a cost we can afford is a big and; How do we do this without a full understanding of French sales speak and design/technical terminology?

Our French isn't bad and we really do want to fully immerse ourselves wholly in the Provencal culture, but having to go through the whole process of having a kitchen designed, sold to and installed in a tongue that isn't exactly native to us, left us with a feeling of dread.

Let's face it, it's hard enough setting up a bank account!!

If like me, you are an English speaking home owner, living here in the south of France and want a hassle and stress free way of planning, designing and installing your new dream kitchen, but still want the 1 to 1 service you'd have expected in the UK, then IF Only could be the answer.

We will work alongside you to create an inspirational and enjoyable space that meets your aspirations and needs.

Our Offer To You

Our no pressure, fully guaranteed services also include, all product sourcing from well known and established UK or European manufacturers and delivery to your home or site.......and your installation and project management, should you choose this option, will be carried out by English speaking artisans and installers, from start to finish.

I hope you like the website and find inspiration from the products, services and galleries of some of the 200+ installation projects from the past 6 years.

Should you choose to work with IF Only – by Design, our commitment will always be to provide and guarantee the quality and service your project fully deserves.

A Typical French Kitchen

If Only by Design Kitchen Designer in Provence region of France

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